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Reptiles as children’s pets

Reptiles as children’s pets

A domestic animal becomes part of the relative, so it must adapt to the home. There are a few species that you should discard or be quite careful with if you have small ones at the apartment, but can reptiles work as Pets for children?

Because we know that you are interested in these small beings and your children too, we see that there are more harmless ones that the kin can be safe and happy with. However, it is proper to take into account that a rare domestic animal implies, besides a wonderful commitment, various care, and attention, so the veterinarian, Angel Garcia Hernandez, explained to us about 3 of these specimens.

NOTE: it is important that before obtaining a reptile as a domestic animal you make sure that it is not an endangered breed. Don’t forget to ask for a certificate that protects you from the ownership of the specimen.


Water turtle

Turtles are often the ultimate match reptile, but there are a few species that are more very sociable than others to your children.

Feeding Turtles

They are omnivorous, that is, they eat both meat and plants. They eat original, fresh, and balanced foods, although their tastes improve with age.

Turtles Accommodation

Aquatic turtles can adapt to living in an aquarium: a tank with enough water and a warm temperature (approximately 28°C) for them to swim, and a part of the land that protrudes to allow them to rest and sunbathe. On the other hand, land turtles need a tall aquarium so that they can walk, the vivarium should contain a tall substrate so that the turtle does not eat it and some water. Both species should be exposed to pale daily, either from the sun or from a lamp.

Turtles Basic Care

Your aquarium or aquarium should be cleaned constantly and care should be derived that its shell is not damaged or fungi rise. It is also important to take them to the vet at least once a year for a general check-up because it is common for them to have respiratory problems. It is recommended to have 2 for their sociability.


Green Anolis

There are various types of Anolis, also known as American chameleon because it changes color.

Feeding the Anolis

They feed on insects including crickets, spiders, and flies, as well as chopped fruit, herbs, and seeds.

Anolis Accommodation

They are adapted to living in a reptile tank, but it must be tall as this species can grow up to 20 cm. Inside the tank, there should be a substrate, plants, and small trunks; they need warm temperatures and for instance sunlight.

Anolis Basic Care

You should take them to the vet at least once a year to supplement their diet with vitamins, among other things. Consider that this species is not so easily manipulated and when they try to match they are aggressive. They are territorial, so it is recommended not to have mirrors near them.


Leopard Gecko

Like the Anolis, the gecko is a type of lizard. Its appearance varies due to the diversity of species, but one of its attributes is that it is of various colors and has tall eyes. They communicate with high-pitched sounds.

Feeding Geckos

They eat insects including crickets, cockroaches, and worms, as well as fruit pieces.

Gecko Accommodation

They can live in a small terrarium with rocks, plants, and logs; the type of substrate depends on the breed. Their vivarium must be ventilated and at a temperature between 25° and 32°C.

Geckos Basic Care

It is a much more compliant reptile, it can be easily manipulated because it is not aggressive. Likewise, it is important to take it to the veterinarian to avoid diseases.