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The most well-known animal in the reptile world is the gecko. The leopard gecko, also known as Eublepharis macularius in Latin, is the most common gecko species. Because geckos live in a variety of environments, they are not all alike. This gecko is a relatively calm species that is more active at dusk and night, making it ideal for both novice and experienced enthusiasts.

Leopard Gecko

The Leopard Gecko is a calm and easy lizard to handle. It is critical to understand that it is prone to losing its tail. The leopard gecko is found in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where it hides…

In this article I am going to talk about the bearded dragon or bearded dragon, focusing on the nominal phase of the Pogona Vitticeps, which is the most frequent. If what you want is to know something about a phase or subclass diverse from this one, you can see information by clicking on the type of bearded dragon in the next section.

Pet Bearded Dragons

The bearded dragon is a breed of semi-arboreal reptile that belongs to the Agamid family.

Bearded Dragon Habitat:

Its original environment is the desert and semi — desert regions of Australia.

Physical appearance:

Bearded Dragons are medium-sized saurians (males are commonly about 60…

If we want to have a land turtle as a pet, we must know the basic care of these animals. This care refers to aspects such as housing, feeding and hydration, and it is essential to know all the details in order to include our turtle in the best conditions.

Land turtles need, for example, a comfortable fish tank, with a specific temperature and luminosity, as well as a specific diet. That’s why we tell you everything about caring for the land turtle step by step.

What does a turtle eats

Land turtles are reptiles that are primarily vegetarian since their diet is based on…

Toucans are piciform pets of the kin Ranphastidae. Visually, they are unmistakable because of their enormous beaks and because they show striking colors that contrast with grounds of black plumage.

The several varieties of toucans live naturally from Mexico to Argentina. The largest variety is the toucan Ramphastos toco, which is a creature that some persons choose as an exotic pet.

In this article, we will solve your doubts and talk if it is possible to have a toucan as a pet and some things you should know about this wonderful animal.

Is it Legal to Have a Toucan as a Pet?

Having a toucan as a pet is totally…

Today, the rabbit is positioning itself as the third most common couple creature in the apartment. So it is not surprising that more and more humans are looking for information on how to care for a rabbit, as remote as our furry friend is with us for many, many years.

Raise a rabbit

If you’ve just adopted a rabbit, whether it’s a baby or an adult, keep reading this article where we’ll talk about everything you need to know about raising a rabbit.

The Rabbit as a Pet

Although rabbits are often very affectionate and grateful birds, we are characterized by the fact that they are animals of…

Owls are primarily nocturnal birds that are typically confused with owls. Both creatures are the cause of the Strigiformes order, but there are clear morphological differences between them.

These birds are one of the oldest in the world, as there are fossil examples that date back to the Eocene, 65 million years ago. This creature has developed in different ways until it was distributed all over the world. Do you know the types of owls that exist? In this article we talk about them. Keep reading!

The owls belong to the order Strigiformes, which is divided into 2 families:



The feeding of the canary is a fundamental factor of their care that will have a direct effect on the quality of their plumage, their health, and their desire to sing. It is quite significant to take care of the feeding of a bird.

canary seeds

In this article, we will treat in depth the feeding and the complements for the canary so that you know what is the most significant thing and you supply him with the best care. Read on to find out everything about feeding the canary.

Mixed for canaries

The canaries are granivorous pets, feeding on different grains and seeds spotted…

The blue dart frog

The blue dart frog or Dendrobates Azureus belongs to the family of dendrobatidae, diurnal amphibians that live in jungle spaces. They contain unique and beautiful coloration that indicate to whom their high level of toxicity is found.

blue dart frog

Blue dart frog physical aspect

Although its name is blue dart frog, it can show different shades that vary from blue-light to dark blue-purple for instance also dark-colored spots. Each individual is different and unique.

It is a quite fine frog that measures between 40 and 50 mm in length, the male differs from the female for being smaller, thinner, and singing in adulthood.

The colors it proves…

Reptiles as children’s pets

A domestic animal becomes part of the relative, so it must adapt to the home. There are a few species that you should discard or be quite careful with if you have small ones at the apartment, but can reptiles work as Pets for children?

Because we know that you are interested in these small beings and your children too, we see that there are more harmless ones that the kin can be safe and happy with. …

Today we introduce you to a new Companion Birds. They are intelligent, outrageous (a small too much, it’s true), very funny, very sociable and tender, besides showing off lovely colors. We are talking, of course, about Australian parakeets.

Although, as its name indicates, it comes from Australia, the Australian parakeet can currently be spread in a good number of countries around the world, as it is among the most widespread animal creatures as a companion animal. …

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